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The price for our low cost chemical service varies between $49 - $59 per month.

We have a lot of pools on service for $49. A typical $49/month pool, is an average to smaller size pool, with zero to limited bathing use. Our $49/month price is designed for the pool owner who does not want to pay the going rate for pool service, because they have a pool that is seldom used.

Typically, the more a pool is used, the higher the service fee. However, if the customer is open to suggestions, we can service pools with even moderate bathing loads at a low affordable price!

*Most newly plastered or re-plastered pools usually require a higher service fee due the water chemistry of the new curing plaster.

We can service most pools, however, because of the nature of our service, certain pool types are not serviceable. If you are unsure about your pool type, please contact us for assistance. Call 408-355-3457

The following pools types are NOT serviceable.
  1. Rental Properties - Homeowner (must) be living in the house.
  2. SWG pools (Salt Water Chlorine Generator Pools)
  3. Commercial pools- Apartment buildings, Hotels, Fountains and Water Scenes.
  4. Pools (without) functioning Main Drains.
  5. Painted Pools
  6. Pools over 25,000 gallons (some exceptions may apply).
  7. Dogs in Pools. One medium sized dog in a pool more than quadruples the bathing load for that pool.

If your pool does not fall into one of these categories, then we can service it! Contact us today to learn more or to sign up for service. Call 408-355-3457

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